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Ahad, 16 November 2014

Dear Diary 7 - Trap Question

" I'm going back to kampung this weekend." one day, D'man said.
" Okey.."
" Do you want to come back together and meet my parents?"

(Me sweating all over.. speechless.. mati kutu.. OMG! )

" It's okey if you don't want to..."
( I don't know what to say! again OMG! What to do! What to do...!)

" So do you want to?"
( Aahhh... !!! I just can't decide! Why, why I can't answer this, ishh come on!!  ..) 

" Ok, I understand, you're not ready..."
 D'man smile with no hard feelings. He smiles. I love to see his smile.

" I love you..." answered me.
" I love you too.."

Ok, these conversation repeats time after time later. When can I said I want to? When can I know I'm ready? When I can be brave ?!  I want to say yes i want to, one day!soon..But one thing right now I'm want to, I'm ready and I brave is to say..

" I love you, D'man"  

' " If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it " ~Toni Morrison'